Oct 23, 2019 • 55M

Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure with Christa Carmen

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Boston area comedians Julia Rios and Geoffrey Pelton discuss the movies we watched as children that shaped who we are today, for better ... or for worse
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Horror author Christa Carmen joins us to discuss a staple of her childhood, Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure.

Image description: Creepy AF toy twins. What did we watch and WHY???

There’s no way around it: this one is just utterly horrifying.

Creepy dolls: check

Creepier other toys: check

Creepiest pro-rape-culture plot: CHECKAROONEY

And that’s not even getting into the monsters Raggedy Ann and Andy meet along the way…

Christa’s summary was:

Raggedy Ann and Andy have to rescue ..someone... a horse maybe? A camel? And go on an extremely trippy and downright terrifying adventure to do so, journeying into some sort of cave in the process. And there are songs. Scary songs. And maybe Raggedy Ann and Andy are real dolls first and then get transformed into cartoons. Maybe raggedy Ann has to rescue Raggedy Andy WHILE RIDING a horse slash camel.

This is more or less correct, though definitely missing a ton of what makes this one utterly terrifying.

Christa also revealed to us that she actually sang one of the songs for this with her sister for a talent show as a child! She’s promised us a video to prove it… We’ll update you when we see it!