Dec 12, 2021 • 1HR 11M

The Forbidden Door with Eugenia Triantafyllou

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Boston area comedians Julia Rios and Geoffrey Pelton discuss the movies we watched as children that shaped who we are today, for better ... or for worse
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Eugenia Triantafyllou joins us again from Greece to talk about Greek television and a very specific episode of Storybook International: The Forbidden Door! If you aren’t familiar with Eugenia, be sure to check out her awesome stories!

You can watch The Forbidden Door here.

Here’s Eugenia’s Summary:

“This was a show I vaguely remember, and to my childhood eyes it felt like a documentary because even though it had fairytales the way it was filmed felt very down to earth. I think it was called Storybook and it had folktales from many places in English, but for us there was narration over it in Greek. Perhaps why it felt like a documentary. The beginning was a bard singing a song and then the folktale would play. This particular tale was about a guy who is told not to open a door. Something like Bluebeard, but he wasn't getting married to someone, I don't think. Of course he opens the door and there is a giant on the other side and he pics the guy up and then I am not sure what happens but I remember him being devasted after that, and this did something to my kid brain. It was very weird/existensial and it stuck with me.”

Eugenia also told us about Froutopia—not Fruitopia, the 1990s US soft drink, but a Greek TV show about anthropomorphic produce.

And here’s the Greek TV sign on/sign off Eugenia remembers from her childhood.

According to Eugenia, this is called “The Little Herd Boy” and it is by one of the master flautists, who was a legendary player. How cool is that?

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