After These Messages: Y2K


Hot on the heels of the Futurama pilot episode, we decided to check out some Y2K related videos.

First up, we watched this Y2K survival kit commercial.

We followed that up with a news broadcast about people working overtime on New Year’s Eve in 1999.

This one led us to talk about Dominos Pizza and reminisce about our episode on Will Vinton’s Claymation career, in which we watched some of the Dominos Noid commercials.

Then we watched the trailer for Kull the Conqueror:

This one because Geoffrey’s conspiracy theorist teacher had some idea that the creature in Kull the Conqueror looked exactly like a demon who had tried to pull his soul out of his body in a dream. This led to us talking a LOT about The Weekly World News.

And finally as palate cleanser, we watched this video of someone feeding a farting wombat:

Survey says: neither of us wants to try to feed a wombat. We’ll appreciate them from a distance, thanks.

Happy 2021 again! May your year be full of wombats, but only from a distance, corn if you like that, banana flavored medicine if you like that… and if not? Break that syringe in half! You don’t have to take this!

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