Child of Glass with Chia and Dan


Friends of the pod, Chia and Dan, join us to discuss a movie Chia remembered as VERY ROMANTIC! Child of Glass is an adaptation of the first Blossom Culp novel, The Ghost Belonged to Me.

This episode is a wild ride that takes us into explorations of Richard Peck’s work, Disney’s low point in the late seventies/early eighties, and the way the scariest thing about this movie is its insistence that slaveholders in the south were deeply romantic.

We also take a huge detour into past life reincarnation pods, and discuss how sometimes you gotta pretend an ice cream bar is actually pie if you want to eat it while reenacting your friend’s murder over and over again…

A blue ghost of a young girl and a dog in a still from Child of Glass
The ghost of Inez Dumaine and her dog in Child of Glass

Here’s Chia’s hazy summary:

“So, I watched this is the gymnasium of my elementary school, probably in 4th grade? It might have been 5th. In my memory of it, a boy moved into a haunted house and fell in love with the ghost of a little girl who I think was trapped in a china doll? Also, I got to sit next to a boy I had a terrible crush on and the whole thing was just very romantic.”

Chia was… not very right at all about the plot of this one. But don’t worry, we spend almost as long as the length of the film explaining what she missed!

All this, plus Geoffrey does an impression of Vincent Price AND sings a little impromptu Blondie parody.

This is Must Listen podcasting, everyone!

P.S. If you want to see the short (like 8 minute long) excerpt adaptation of the book this is based on that Vincent Price hosts, that’s about seven minutes and thirty seconds into Once Upon a Midnight Scary.

P.P.S. If you want, you can also read a full transcript of this podcast.

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