Drop Dead Fred with Joe Szaf


Hello, friends! This week is a special week. Under normal circumstances this would be our paid subscribers only week, but since we are all in quarantine right now, we figured it would be nice to share this as widely as possible in case anyone stuck at home or commuting to an essential job (for which we thank you!) wants a little disturbing childhood trauma to comfort them!

We are joined by Joe Szaf of Golden Age Radio and Improv Boston’s The Family Show to discuss a movie he fondly remembers watching with his mom: Drop Dead Fred!

Image Description: Phoebe Cates as Elizabeth and Rik Mayall as Drop Dead Fred all dressed up for the wine gala in a purple dress and a green suit.

This one was a lot. Like Troll 2, the text was a rich source, and led to a a lot of discussion, but it was also traumatic to watch. We did learn that Joe would love to eat mud, though. So there’s that.

Listen to find out what the strongest kind of tape is (not duct tape, it turns out!), which technical fastener brand was thanked in the credits, and what show one of the actors was in that Geoffrey was delighted to learn about! All this AND MORE!!!

And look out for our next episode, the After These Messages with Joe, which will also be free for everyone instead of locked behind a paywall, because we’re locked behind too many walls already!

Take care of yourselves, and stay home if you can!

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