Dec 9, 2020 • 30M

After These Messages: Cabbage Patch Live Birth with Gwendolyn Kiste

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Boston area comedians Julia Rios and Geoffrey Pelton discuss the movies we watched as children that shaped who we are today, for better ... or for worse
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Gwendolyn Kiste joins us again to talk about stuff related to Red Wind, and stuff she remembers from her childood.

Hills Department Store: Where the toys are. This commercial from 1986 inspired some unease. Perhaps, dare we say, terror? But Gwendolyn SWEARS Hills was actually really fun and not scary.

Somehow we ended up watching the live birth of a Cabbage Patch Baby. This a thing you yourself could go see in person in Georgia….

Gwendolyn was quite taken with the Babyland USA website, and said she’d go there herself if we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic.

Next up, we watched Elvira selling Coors Light. Gwendolyn remembered loving Elvira as a kid.

The Geoffrey founds this Best of putting things into the shredder.

We thought we were going to just watch like one or two minutes of this, and then we all ended up being mesmerized by it and watched the whole thing. Thankfully, no humans were shredded in this video, but we all agreed that possibly scarier than Red Wind was the idea that this person seems not to be wearing eye protection. YIKES!

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