A Rugrats Chanukah with Gillian Daniels


Gillian Daniels joins us to talk about A Rugrats Chanukah! Gillian is a fantasy and horror writer, and you can find her at gilliandaniels.com, on twitter as @gilldaniels, and on instagram as @gillianlynndaniels.

Image Description: The Rugrats (Chuckie, Tommy, Phil, and Lillian) watch as Grandpa fills a menorah with oil.

This special is 25 minutes long. We talk for… an hour and 20 minutes… We have a lot to say about the Rugrats, apparently!

We also have a digression into the world of TGIF, and particularly the time travel special night of linked episodes.

And here’s a whole write up about bathing boots, which were apparently optional. You just… you just never know where this podcast is gonna take you.

Happy Chanukah! We hope you have a mirable (noooo, why is this the worst word?) of perfect latkes!

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