This Is Why We’re Like This

We’re a podcast devoted to discussing movies and TV shows that helped shape out childhoods. The fun ones, the weird ones, the scary ones, the ones we loved but later realized were secretly (or not so secretly) propaganda… We ask the person who chose the movie to write us a hazy summary of what they remember about it then we all watch and get together to answer a bunch of questions, including, most importantly: would you show this to a child?

Who are we?

Geoffrey and Julia are cohosts and friends who both have done comedy in the Boston area. Geoffrey has done mostly improv, and Julia has done mostly standup. We were friends before either of us started doing comedy, though! We got the idea for this podcast from a conversation with our friend Tori, who remembered a bizarre fever dream of a movie called The Peanut Butter Solution and told us about it over dinner one night.

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A podcast about the movies and shows that made us who we are today, for better ... or worse.


This Is Why We're Like This

A podcast about the movies that shaped our childhoods, for better ... or for worse. Hosted by Boston area comedians, Julia Rios and Geoffrey Pelton.