The Dog Who Stopped the War/La Guerre des Tuques


Hey! It’s a new year! And we are starting it off on a super downer note with a movie about a dog dying… Uh. Sorry? But possibly our suffering is your joy, in which case, you’re welcome!

We also have a new feature at long last: transcripts! You can get the transcript for this episode here.

You can watch the preview for this movie (in French without subtitles) and get the sense of the goofy sound effects and NO WARNING that this is a movie about a dog dying horribly.

Before we proceed further, please heed Geoffrey’s warning from 35 minutes in (right after we talk about the singer of the end credits song and her history with abuse):

Wow We should... We should just put a ah ah like a comprehensive stone cold Bummer warning on this episode.

… Yeah


the abuse thing is just for a couple of minutes (from about 33 minutes to 35:10) if you just want to skip that bit.

If you’re still with us, here’s Geoffrey’s summary:

“I know I watched this at some point when I was young, but I remember almost nothing about the circumstances. Was it on tv or did we rent it? Can't be sure. I know there was a large-scale snowball fight, and I was jealous because we didn't have snow when I was a kid and I thought an epic snowball war would be totally awesome. I also was a big fan of the Donald Duck cartoon where he has the snow war with Huey Duey & Luey. 

Anyway, there's a totally sweet snowball war but I guess it gets too real and then the dog dies in the snow.”

This is pretty accurate! Also we learned there are a few differences in the subtitles, like a main character, Pierre, is called Marc in the subtitles, apparently! And then there’s Frankie Four Eyes

This movie has a 7.6 star rating on IMDb! People really do apparently love it! Are you one of them? We would love to know.

P.S. We tried a new recording style with a soundboard and… the outro did not work as planned. Please enjoy the chaos as we scramble to recover. It’s pretty silly!

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